Leandia is a newly developed acrylic/composite product that can be assembled without optically visible joints or seams. No ordinary fluids can penetrate into the material. The worktops are thus top-hygienic - perfect for kitchen and bath.

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Leandia Solid Surface

- Quality at the right price

Countertop of the future

Leandia Solid Surface has superior properties compared with the alternatives, each day there is an increasing number of architects, kitchen/bath designers, and consumers who are realizing the benefits of Leandia compared to for example granite or laminate, this is mainly due to the fact that Leandia is clearly the most flexible material, while it is assembled in the nicest way, and at the same time it is surprisingly easy to maintain and clean.

For people with high demands on design

Imagine a countertop in the highest quality, with a seamlessly integrated sink, or with a Silgranit- or steel sink, - The color will never be worn or dull looking. And once you have your dream kitchen or bathroom it is easy to live with, the maintenance is minimal, and there are no joints or grooves where bacteria, fungus or mold can hide. That's what you can call a true luxury product. Should damage occur - almost anything can be repaired - or sanded away. The slabs are solid 12 mm which gives a stable and impervious surface.


Leandia Solid Surface is a material of the highest quality, with countless usage possibilities. It is almost only the architect's imagination that sets the limit. Obvious possibilities are countertops for kitchen and bath, but also, for example kitchens, benches, furniture, laboratories, bar tables, restaurant tables, desks, conference tables, display stands, signs and interior in shops are obvious applications.